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NeuroSpa Energizing Station and Levitation Chair  |  Massage chairs & Recliner


Result of several years of research on the positive impacts of music on the human body, The NeuroSpa is the most sophisticated modern relaxation device. From the very first minutes, music and physical sensations communicate directly with the nervous system which gradually replaces tensions caused by stress. The comforting vibration fills your body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility.  It's a revitalizing experience.


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The Neurospa Levitation is the most comfortable chair ever, the cushion is supported by a flexible « Air Knit »,  it feels like floating in the air.
This state of the art motorized recliner permits precise position selection, your legs will never be strait horizontal like usual recliners, your knees will remain perfectly posture in every positions, eliminating bad blood circulation in your legs.
The world wide patented neuro muscular massage system, exclusive to NeuroSpa, give you a perfect massage while reading or watching TV or permit you to have a complete evasion like it’s offered in the most rename spa’s by pulling-on the roof.
This device is offered in more than 300 renamed spa’s,  the prevention center of the Montreal Cardiologists Institute offer it as a stress prevention device to their 5000 members. Google, Reebok, Ubisoft and many other companies offer it to their employees to soothing pain and reduce stress.
The NeuroSpa is the evolution of the chair. The positives effects are comparable to nothing else, it provide convenience of any regular recliner and all advantages of the most sophisticated Massage Chair. 
Include high quality headphones.
AC/DC adaptor for Home and car usage.
5-years warranty.
more than 70 fabrics colors available.
7 therapeutics massage modes and heat function.

10 days risks-free trial.

• Neutralizes stress and anxiety
• Fights insomnia and chronic fatigue
• Deeply relaxes the body
• Provides durable sense of well-being
• Stimulate blood circulation 
• Regulate blood pressure
• Soothing pain

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Zero Gravity Chair

The zero gravity position in a massage chair is just like being in the space ship where the chair reclines back and evenly distributes your body weight for the most comfortable position for your overall body and most importantly your back and spine. This position is also important because it really helps your circulatory system in allowing the body to provide better circulation throughout your feet, whole body and most importantly your heart. A true Zero-Gravity position should get your feet raised above your heart. When your feet are above your heart not only does this increase your blood circulation but it actually decreases your blood pressure. 


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NeuroSpa Energy Station|  Massage Chair & Relaxation Devices

The NeuroSpa Cushion can easily be carried from one place to another (bed, office, armchair, etc.). It provides 7 modes and 1 for the car which is designed to neutralize vibrations that cause fatigue and drowsiness at the wheel while neutralizing the aches and tensions caused by long trips. For the ultimate relaxation experience. the new NeuroSpa Station proposes an experience synchronized with pictures.
For a pure relaxation experience, the NeuroSpa Station can be used to convert a room for relaxation. Complete the quotation form below for pricing quotes and mores details.
Neuro-massage pad pour voiture
NeuroSpa Cushion |  Portable Relaxation Devices
To reduce stress caused by motor vibrations and relieve back aches, the NeuroSpa Cushion allows use in the car or on an office chair.