NeuroSpa, World's No. 1 Provider of anti-stress and relaxation devices.

Patented worldwide, the NeuroSpa is the premier therapeutic relaxation device allowing one to reach a state of complete mental and physical wellbeing.

We provide high quality relaxing, energizing and napping booth to more than 1000 enterprises, hotels and Spa centers since 2008.


The NeuroSpa directly stimulates the nervous system with a symphony of pleasant and calming sensations synchronized with captivating music. You'll experience a moment of total escapism.

After a session, your accumulated stress will have disappeared to make way for true wellness.
Daily or weekly use allows achieving a state of well being by neutralizing stress.

• Neutralizes stress and anxiety
• Fights insomnia and chronic fatigue
• Deeply relaxes the body
• Provides a deep and durable sense of well-being
• Stimulates creativity
• Calms the nervous system
• Relieves chronic pain and fibromyalgia
Provides a deep state of well being

The NeuroSpa is the result of several years of research on the positive impacts of music on the human body. From the very first minutes, the music and physical sensations are captivating and after 10 minutes or so, they  communicate directly with the nervous system which gradually replaces the tensions caused by accumulated stress.

Neuromuscular massage propagates via the nervous system. Initially, you may only feel sensations in the lower back; however as the session progresses and your sympathetic nervous system unlocks, your nervous system will gradually connect to the NeuroSpa allowing the neuromuscular massage to first reach painful or tense regions. Later, sensations will travel to the entire body to gradually reduce chronic pains and the negative effects of accumulated stress.


Residential Products

Enjoy the benefits of the NeuroSpa in the home, at the office or on the road.

Salle de Relaxation à domicile


Dealer Solutions

Solutions adapted for health centers, Spas, hotels and health professionals.



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