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The NeuroSpa is the first therapeutic relaxation device patented worldwide allowing one to reach a state of complete mental and physical wellbeing.

During a session, the music captivates from the very first minutes and after a short time, the music communicates directly with the nervous system which gradually replaces tensions caused by accumulated stress.

The NeuroSpa allows achieving a state of wellness in a few minutes and regular sessions allow the achievement of mental and physical balance.

A session before massage therapy or body treatments brings the user progressively into a deeply relaxed and receptive state.



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Key-in-hand solutions for relaxation centers, health clinics and estheticians.                       
Massothérapie, relaxation, massage Products adapted for massage therapists

The NeuroSpa can be used as a complement to massage therapy. A session before a massage brings users into a deep state of relaxation and make them fully ready to experiment all other services you have to offer.
Massage Chair Recliner designed for Hotel Rooms and condominiums Key-in-hand solutions for hotels and housing projects

The NeuroSpa Zero-G Massage Chair Recliner is designed for hotel rooms and high-end condominiums.
Multiple choice of colors offered to allow integration with any establishment interior design. Ability to incorporate custom brand logo and colors.


NeuroSpa Station and Zero-G Massage Chair Recliner |  Energy Pods, Massage Chair & Recliner

Result of several years of research on the positive impacts of music on the human body, The NeuroSpa is the most sophisticated modern relaxation device. From the very first minutes, music and physical sensations communicate directly with the nervous system which gradually replaces tensions caused by stress. The comforting vibration fills your body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility.  It's a revitalizing experience.
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NeuroSpa Station|  Energy Pods & Relaxation Devices

The NeuroSpa Station can easily be carried from one place to another (room, office, etc.). It provides 8 therapeutics modes. For the ultimate relaxation experience the new NeuroSpa Station proposes an experience synchronized with pictures and color therapy. For a pure relaxation experience, the NeuroSpa Station can be used to convert any room for relaxation.
Introducing the Neurospa Zero-G Massage Chair Recliner

Order Online Zero Gravity Recliner Massage Chair

Revolutionizing the Health & Wellness Industry, Neurospa Zero-G is the most comfortable recliner ever, the cushion is supported by a flexible « Air Knit »,  it feels like floating in the air.
This state of the art motorized recliner permits precise position selection, your legs will never be strait horizontal like usual recliners, your knees will remain perfectly posture in every positions, eliminating bad blood circulation in your legs.

buy online massage chair recliner

The world wide patented neuro muscular massage system, exclusive to NeuroSpa, give user a perfect massage while reading or watching TV and permit to have a complete evasion like it’s offered in the most rename spa’s.

This device is offered in more than 300 renamed spa’s,  the prevention center of the Montreal Cardiologists Institute offer it as a stress prevention device to their 5000 members. Google, Reebok, Ubisoft and many other companies offer it to their employees to relief pain and reduce stress.

Best massage chair 2015

• Increase Energy
• Neutralizes stress and anxiety
• Fights insomnia and chronic fatigue
• Deeply relaxes the body
• Provides durable sense of well-being
• Stimulates creativity
• Relieves chronic pain
 -Include high quality headphones.
-AC/DC adaptor for Home and car usage.
-5-years warranty.
-Multiple choice of colors offered for integration with your establishment interior design.
-Ability to add custom brand logo and colors.



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