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Article By Johanne Lauzon

I've tested... the nap!

15 minutes to put our ideas back in place.


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Spa Solutions

The NeuroSpa is a perfectly complementary to traditional massage, a session before the massage gradually brings the user to state of deep relaxation, which optimizes the beneficial effects of the massage therapists's work.

- Increase of the benefits while offering a unique extra service to your clients.

- Easy maintenance and key-in-hand installation
- Possibility of offering the sale of portable and residential products

Certified NeuroSpa Centers benefit from our promotional support and training.




The NeuroSpa is a relaxation tool that is now part of my daily life. To my surpise, when I tried it for the first time, I really deeply relaxed. It was a little like a very good meditation, but without effort. You just have to let go for the magic to happen. I try to have a NeuroSpa session at the beginning of the afternoon; this revives my energy and concentration quickly and efficiently. And I love the fact that this product is entirely from Quebec!

- Jocelyna Dubuc - Propriétaire SPA EASTMAN, Eastman, QC

In 2010 Ovarium innovated with the arrival of the NeuroSpa. This service guarantees surprising results in only thirty minutes, without getting wet or even undressed. Each session brings total release from stress and deeper self-awareness.
At Ovarium, clients appreciate the NeuroSpa combined with their prefered treatments either before or after. All want to re-live this experience as often as possible. The NeuroBed sold for the home responds perfectly to this need.

Bernard Méloche - Ownere OVARIUM, Montreal, QC

No specific preparation is necessary before the treatment, we remove our shoes, let go of the cell and relax. And we're off! As if for 45 minutes we're carried to a southern seaside but without too much noise nor useless distractions. During the relaxation period we hear sounds of the sea and a some very soft music, while the vibrations are felt throughout the body, which are in fact the low frequencies of the music that you heard. It's the second time I've been to this, and I admit that the relaxation still takes place even more normally even if the first time you already feel the benefits. Definitely a "must do" as soon as you have a chance.

M. Bellevue -Tripadvisor.fr

In a small room, I settle down into an armchair with rounded edges. Legs raised, my body finds itself in a state of weightlessness. The captivating rhythms of the music and and the movements of the armchair recall the waves of the big blue. I drift away. My muscles relax, my jaw slackens. After 45 minutes I open my eyes: a feeling of calm and joy envelops me.

Johnane Lauzon -Chatelaine.com

The purchase of the NeuroSpa in October 2011 has widened the possibilities of the treatment/bundle offers available at Studio 157, Spa de ville in Outaouais. We acquired in short order the way to operate, monetize and integrate the NeuroSpa... so much so that we acquired a second one in April 2012! The GSS LAB team was able to transfer their knowledge, passion and expertise to our team very efficiently and with great detail and generosity! Listening to them, the GSS LAB team is still innovating! They personalize and develop options for the NeuroSpa based on the needs and requests of our customers. We recommend purchasing a NeuroSpa to whoever wants to optimize their Center/Spa and make it unique, efficient and unforgettable!"

Paule & Eloise Charette - Co-owners STUDIO 157, Gatineau, QC -

I felt like I was flying, it was relaxing-relaxing and what a talent the composer of this music :) I recommend it. The position in the bed is really comfortable. It feels good, and it makes us feel light. A nice experience to have if you're stressed, it allows you to disconnect. I could have easily stayed another 30 minutes.

Karine Berube, Montreal, QC

...if you have a chance to try this, I strongly recommend it!! It's a bed like an ergonomic long chair that sends small to medium vibrations synchronized with music, the effect is really brilliant and very relaxing!!

Vegekat's weblog

...the vibration starts. It's really VERY pleasant. Wow! I don't know if it's because my lower back hurts, but I adore these vibrations. The vibration intensity and movement vary with the music. I have to admit that I'm really tripping. After 5 minutes we already in state of relaxation. I feel my the muscles of my arms and legs letting go.

Nath the teacher

Monday, 2 PM. With slow steps and a greyish tint, I'm heading towards Spa Eastman of Montreal where I have an appointment for an energizing nap. After a very busy morning and a night of intermittent sleep, the timing is right. I'm brought into a cabin (a small room with dark walls), I'm installed on a long chair, legs raised, before covering myself with a Polar blanket. "You aren't claustrophobic?" the attendant asks me as she lowers a canopy. That's it, I feel I'm in a cocoon. It starts: ambient sounds, rain and waves, are enveloping. The music is relaxing. The chair emits vibrations, in the small of my back. It's rather disturbing, unpleasant; the vibrations seem too strong. Then, I get used to it and I let myself be rocked by this ever more pleasant massage. The context is optimal to letting oneself go into the arms of Morpheus. I flirt with sleep a few times and, honestly, I hope it'll last forever. After 40 minutes, the end of the music means a return to reality: disappointment. I find myself in the downtown hubbub, I am surprisingly calm, energized, not at all smudged. Ready to continue the day? For sure!

Sophie Allard -La Presse


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