I've tested the energizing nap

Sophie Allard .

7th of May 2013 Edition



At the nap station of Spa Eastman Montreal.

What is it? 

It's a service offered since January, a Quebec premiere at Spa Eastman Montreal. We're installed on a chair in a reclining position, in a tiny room with slow lighting, surrounded by the comforting scents of essential oils. We are  lulled by Angelini's music and the sound of waves. thanks to the NeuroSpa technology, intra-corporal music (mutli-frequency acoustic vibrations) allows "the transmission of muscular and mental commands through the nervous system; central, sympathetic and parasympathetic", is said to bring us to a complete relaxation.

For whom? 

"Especiallly for business women and men who work downtown," indicates Nathalie Roy, director of Spa Eastman Montreal. It's more efficient that a nap and the clients don't have to undress, it makes for a service that requires little time." The nap also is part of the "Jet Lag" package offered to clients of neighboring hotel.

My experience :

Monday, 2 PM. With slow steps and a greyish tint, I'm heading towards Spa Eastman of Montreal where I have an appointment for an energizing nap. After a very busy morning and a night of intermittent sleep, the timing is right. I'm brought into a cabin (a small room with dark walls), I'm installed on a long chair, legs raised, before covering myself with a Polar blanket. "You aren't claustrophobic?" the attendant asks me as she lowers a canopy. That's it, I feel I'm in a cocoon. It starts: ambient sounds, rain and waves, are enveloping. The music is relaxing. The chair emits vibrations, in the small of my back. It's rather disturbing, unpleasant; the vibrations seem too strong. Then, I get used to it and I let myself be rocked by this ever more pleasant massage. The context is optimal to letting oneself go into the arms of Morpheus. I flirt with sleep a few times and, honestly, I hope it'll last forever. After 40 minutes, the end of the music means a return to reality: disappointment. I find myself in the downtown hubbub, I am surprisingly calm, energized, not at all smudged. Ready to continue the day? For sure!

Its possible to try in one of many Certified NeurSpa Centers in Quebec or even at home. Click here to find out more ...
Source: http://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/4aa8-90fc-5187bf16-a926-778fac1c6068|HA7c-uzDDxDq



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